Recombinant Proteins

The focus of our recombinant protein product line is on the production of antigens of polymorphic gene systems in humans. In transplantation or transfusion, these polymorphisms can lead to the generation of antibodies against the foreign antigens with a potentially fatal outcome to the patient. Our antigens can be used to identify these antibodies, and our goal is the development of cutting-edge in-vitro diagnostics to improve treatment of the affected patients.

We provide proteins for use in in-vitro diagnostics, among others: HLA class I, HLA class II, MICA, MICB and blood group antigens (rBGA). Please contact us to learn more about the available antigens. Other polymorphic systems are and have been in our development pipeline. We also offer custom development of recombinant proteins for antibody detection (see Services).

Other Antigens

Please contact us for available antigens and to obtain your personal quotation.