Dyemer & myDyemer

Imusyn’s Dyemers are novel T cell staining reagents for the detection and enumeration of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells. Dyemers consist of recombinant MHC class I molecules expressed in mammalian cell culture, allowing for authentic glycosylation of the protein. Our recombinant MHC class I is coupled to fluorophore-labeled streptavidin, which is available as PE- or APC-conjugate. By utilizing a streptavidin-binding tag for multimerization, our T cell staining reagent can be easily removed from the cell surface by biotin incubation.

Features Overview:

•    Expressed in mammalian cell culture
•    Off-the-shelf or custom-made Dyemers
•    Peptide-receptive myDyemer for self-loading
•    Large diversity of alleles available
•    Reversible staining

In addition to our ready-to-use Dyemers (see Basic Panel), we offer myDyemers, a peptide-receptive and pre-multimerized staining reagent. Due to our molecular modifications, myDyemers remain stable in a peptide-deficient state and allow you to load your peptide of interest by single-step peptide addition, eliminating the need for time-consuming refolding assays or peptide exchange. Our myDyemer technology facilitates the generation of staining reagents for detection and screening of a large number of different T cell specificities. Paired with the wide range of different MHC class I alleles available at imusyn, we are able to offer T cell staining reagents for virtually any of your need.

Competitive Efficiency

Our Dyemers & myDyemers detect antigen-specific CD8+ T cells reliably and stain with a competitive efficiency when compared to other T cell staining reagents, such as tetramers (Figure 1). Convince yourself and order your T cell staining reagent now.

Figure 1: Staining efficiency of imusyn’s Dyemer compared to a tetramer of a competitor. Staining has been performed on healthy donor PBMCs gated for CD8+ T cells and incubated with PE-labeled Dyemer or tetramer of the same specificity.


Verification of Peptide Binding

Are you unsure, whether your peptide will bind to certain HLA class I alleles or do you want to verify your binding prediction? Try our Class I Peptide Binding Analysis - imuPep. By loading our recombinant HLA class I molecules with your peptides, we can give information on peptide binding by monitoring the thermal stability of the peptide/HLA class I complex.

Upon request, we can provide you with custom-made Dyemers loaded with your confirmed peptides. For requests, please use our contact form.

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All Dyemers & myDyemers in our Basic Panel are available on demand (see below), including peptide/MHC combinations covering the most prominent and widely used EBV and HCMV specificities.
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Haven't found your favourite MHC class I alleles in our Basic Panel?

Have a look at our Extended Panel and discover imusyn's diverse range of MHC class I alleles available for myDyemers. For orders or quotes, please refer to our request form.