We offer a range of different products for diagnostic tests and for research use in the area of transfusion and transplantation medicine. Our focus lies on recombinant proteins for antibody detection and kits for antigen typing. We also provide monoclonal antibodies. If you are interested in a custom-tailored solution for antigen typing, please contact us.

Recombinant Proteins

The focus of our recombinant protein product line is on the production of antigens of polymorphic gene systems in humans.


DaraEx & DaraEx plus

We have developed a new, patented remedy for anti-CD38 antibody interference in immunohematological pre-transfusion testing.


Recombinant HLA & T Cell Staining

Discover our novel T cell staining reagents Dyemer & myDyemer and imusyn's wide range of recombinant HLA class I and class II proteins.


Monoclonal Antibodies

We offer monoclonal antibodies for research use.