Imusyn provides numerous services in the fields of in-vitro diagnostic and protein production, support in regulatory issues, and quality as well as project management. Some examples of how we can support your development or production process are given below. Contact us to discuss the development of a custom-tailored solution for your company.

Peptide Binding Analysis

The imuPep Class I Peptide Binding Analysis is an innovative, high-throughput service of imusyn to determine the stability of peptide/HLA class I complexes.


IVD Consulting

The development and production of an in-vitro diagnostic test requires a profound knowledge of the regulatory requirements for such a product.



Design & Development

Imusyn has over a decade of experience in protein design and the development of antigens.


Custom Production

Imusyn can provide you with a full-service custom recombinant production of your proteins in accordance with the latest version of DIN EN ISO 13485.