Protein Engineering and Production

The production of recombinant antigens requires fine judgement, experience, and technical expertise. Apart from being involved in the design and production of antigens and proteins for over a decade, we have also developed numerous innovative techniques to enhance our protein production. For example, we can generate high production yields via the targeted modification of signal peptides. Most of our antigens are solubilised by the use of a proprietary protein solubilisation technology. We can also alter the epitopes on a given antigen to achieve more specific antibody reactions.

Our recombinant protein facility is designed for massive parallel production. We are able to rapidly generate a high number of different antigens; this allows us to produce a complete panel of a given polymorphic system in a short period of time.

With state-of-the-art quality control and management, we can fine tune our production processes to generate reliable antigens of the highest standard.