Anti-CD38 antibodies like Daratumumab, MOR202, and Isatuximab are an emerging line of new therapeutics for the treatment of multiple myeloma and other cancers. They can lead to a strong interference in indirect antiglobulin tests (IAT) and are a major and increasing challenge for immunohematology laboratories.

Imusyn has developed a new and patented reagent which can overcome anti-CD38 antibody interference in one, simple step. It inhibits the agglutination effect of Daratumumab, MOR202, and Isatuximab specifically, without affecting other anti-erythrocyte antibodies like anti-Kell, thus eliminating the need to pre-select donors for compatibility testing.

DaraEx is for research use only. It can be ordered from our distribution partner inno-train Diagnostik GmbH.

DaraEx Technology

Imusyn’s proprietary technology masks the CD38 on the surface of the red blood cells. The primary component of DaraEx is an anti-CD38 antibody without a human Fc region. When treating red blood cells (RBC) with DaraEx, the antibody binds CD38, thus covering the epitope of Daratumumab. The DaraEx-treated RBC will behave as if no Daratumumab was present in the sample.