Advisory Board

Rainer Blasczyk, MD

Rainer Blasczyk is a Full Professor and Chair of the Department for Transfusion Medicine at Hannover Medical School. His work focuses on structural, functional and clinical research of the human MHC for allogeneic, adoptive and regenerative cell therapy including genetic engineering of primary cells and stem cells to decrease their immunogenicity. His translational work aims at improving molecular diagnostics, cellular immunotherapy, as well as stem cell, tissue and organ transplantation.

Ilias Doxiadis, PhD

Ilias Doxiadis is Associate Professor for Immunology, former Managing Director of the Eurotransplant Reference Laboratory at the University Hospital Leiden, The Netherlands, and consultant for histocompatibility & immunogenetics at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of the University Hospital Leipzig. His interest focuses on transplantation immunology with an emphasis on antibody-mediated organ rejection. His research clusters around HLA antibody detection and HLA epitopes to improve HLA matching strategies and survival of transplanted organs.

Axel Seltsam, MD

Axel Seltsam is Medical Director of the Bavarian Red Cross Blood Donation Service. His academic work focuses on structural and functional research of red blood cell antigens and their regulation during haematopoiesis. His translational research aims at improving both, safety of blood products and quality of molecular diagnostics for compatibility testing.

Andreas Ziegler, PhD

Andreas Ziegler is a Professor emeritus and former Director of the Institute of Immunogenetics at the Campus Benjamin Franklin, Charité - University Medicine Berlin. His interest focuses on structural and functional research of the MHC genomic region and its gene products. He was involved in the Human Genome Project for the analysis of chromosome 6. His translational interest is strongly related to antibody mediated immunotherapy, both in oncology as well as transplantation medicine.